Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Nature of the Human Perception of Divinity

Religion is an expression of faith, not the faith itself. By religion, I mean the rituals, observances, prayers, hymns, etc... But your faith isn't something that can be quantified or described by your religion. Religion is merely the symbolic expression of faith. Religion is probably inconsequential in the grand scheme, but faith is everything.
I don't mean faith as it is commonly defined; not faith in something. That's the same as a belief. I'm talking about an intangible and undescribable feeling of contact with or perception of the divine. The enlightenment of Buddhists is one way to describe it, but I feel that any description of the feeling is inadequate.
 That's why we have religions. Others have felt this same thing, and failing to describe it, have created religions to express their experience. I'm working on a unified theory of the essence of faith... Basically, I'm showing that all religions are trying to express the same thing through the eyes and experiences of many different people. Ultimately, I don't think there are right and wrong religions as long as they exert a positive influence...
That some happen to best be able to describe their own faith using a pagan belief system is no different than the christian who tries to express the same thing using the teachings of the Bible. They felt something very much the same, but are describing this thing differently. Native Americans call it "The Great Mystery". Shintoists call it "Kami" (Divine Essence). It is the Indescribable Tao, the Buddha Nature, the Great I AM, the very life-force that permeates the entirety of creation.
We are all a part of it, and we all worship it. It is a part of us and we came from it. Our own spirits have the same nature. We cannot comprehend it, so we create religions in a futile attempt to communicate our own experiences to ourselves, others, and this mysterious force itself. What all of us seek to achieve is understanding. We want to know this force. Ultimately, our wish is fulfilled, for when our bodies die, we return to the great life force from whence we came. This is Nirvana, Heaven, and the nature of existence. 

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