Saturday, November 17, 2012

A few things about me...

This blog is just my space to muse about Philosophy, Religion, or whatever. I'm also into Cooking and Art, so that stuff will show up periodically.

Philosophically speaking, I detest human authority. I see myself to be politically, an Anarcho-PLURalist... both in the sense that PLUR is Peace, Love Unity, Respect; and in that I think there is more than one way to skin the coercion cat. (I actually like cats, btw. This is just a figure of speech.)

As for Religion, I'm a shaman. The Shinto/Ainu/Native American/Druid/Germanic Pantheon meets Buddha type of Shaman. I know, that's quite a mix. If it's any comfort though, I'm mostly of the Shinto/Ainu/Native American beliefs, but I see Njord of the Vanir as a personal protector deity and (according to our genealogy) he's an ancestor from approx 1400 years ago. I have a Ko-Shinto base and see noting wrong with mixing different traditions. (I will say though that incantations and prayers should be used in their original language to preserve the magick inherent in the words themselves.)

Let's get one thing straight.... I'm not. I'm transgender and attracted to the sex that matches my gender identity. If you're pagan too, this shouldn't be a problem.

If you're Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Jehovah's witness, or Morman; I'm okay with that until you try to convert me. You're better off not even trying. I'll happily discuss many things with you, just don't tell me I'm going to receive eternal punishment for not being your kind of religious. I gave monotheism a solid try for years. I'm NOT interested.

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