Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Christians and The Pagans....

So . . .  I went over to Mum's house for Thanksgiving . . .  And she didn't figure out that I was pagan when I failed to say "Amen" at the meal's grace. Good. I can save it for later. She and her husband are Evangelical Christians. They flipped out really bad when they found out I was Transgender. I don't want that event to repeat itself. They made a huge deal out of it and were saying I was an "idolator" and stuff just because I want a sex change. Brianna isn't my legal or birth name. It's what I go by. When I stayed the night, they had me sleep on a separate floor of their house so my queerness wouldn't infect anyone. Nevermind that I'm also Pansexual. That part went right over their heads. I'd rather them not know that I'm not Christian anymore. They'll find out eventually, but I'd like it to be in a few years rather than soon.

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