Sunday, November 18, 2012

On mornings like this, when I' up early... or late as it were... As Amaterasu Omikami comes from the East and brings light to the world... I bow twice at the waist at a nearly 90 degree angle clap twice, holding my hands together on the last one, I bow a third time and thank the Sun goddess for her warmth and light in my life. Often with a tear of joy, I return to my morning business feeling refreshed and content.

Here's why We have a Sun Kami(Femmale) and a Moon Kami(Male) in Shinto: "Formerly it was the female luminary that came out at night. But she was so greatly shocked at the immoralities which she saw going on out of doors among the grass, that she exchanged with the male luminary, who, being a man, did not care so much. So now the sun is a female deity, and the moon is a male deity. But surely the sun must be often shocked at what she sees going on even in the daytime, when the young people are in the open among the grass."—Written down from memory by Basil Hall Chamberlain. Told by Ishanashte (an Ainu), November, 1886.

*sigh of contentment*

Alright, back to business: The best way to encrypt written data (Like your Magick journal or a Grimoire for example) is to write it in a language or script you've created... My Grimoire is written in 3 different scripts and several languages to guard it from misuse by the uninitiated and to protect me from people who might hurt me if they knew I was pagan...

This is an excellent example of how you can encrypt data that's written:

 I've made my own too. Here's a sample of one of my seriously cryptic writing:

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