Friday, November 23, 2012

A Witch and Two Miko, in Teacups

I just had to share this picture... IT'S SOOOO CUUUTE!!!! On the left is Kirisame Marisa (a witch), on the right is Hakurei Reimu (a Miko), and in the middle is Kochiya Sanae (Miko and descendent of a Kami). They're from the Touhou series of games by Team Shanghai Alice (Zun being the primary and sometimes only member of that Doujinshi circle). Due to the obsessive tendencies of Touhou fandom (We're called Touhoufags); there is now a massive Shared Universe of Touhou themed Media by thousands of artists, writers, and musicians. Zun might as well be an Arahitogami as far as the Touhoufags are concerned...

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